Kikkan OK Socks 2.0


By Kikkan Randall:

These are my “It's Going to be OK” socks made by Darn Tough Vermont.  The socks reminded me to keep a positive mindset while going through my cancer treatments and now inspire me through races and days when I wish there was more snow!  I know that millions of us have and will go through rough spots like this and we will all navigate it in our own way. 

My way includes my belief that maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle will not only help me get through these challenges but make me stronger.  That’s why I have partnered with AKTIV Against Cancer whose mission it is to ensure that physical activity will become an integral part of cancer treatment. 

$2 from every item sold from the It's going to be OK! line will be donated to the organization.

The Vertex Micro Crew is one of the lightest crew socks on the planet. Stripped down to the core it still provides the perfect amount of cushioning. Lose the weight without sacrificing.

New personal best, here we come. This Ultra-Light Cushion Vertex sock was designed for runners looking for a standout running sock in a Micro Crew height. So light you’ll forget that it’s on. 

Quality Socks Made by Darn Tough Vermont

 Sizing is unisex, refer to the size chart